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 Our next bingo is going to be held October 19/2014 at the Kensington Bingo Hall from 10:30 to 15:30. If you can help please call 780 433-9374. 


Police Information Checked Safe Parents do many things:



The Edmonton Safe Parent Association is unique to Edmonton and came to being in 2006.  A Safe Parent is a responsible, police screened adult who is willing to offer assistance to someone in an emergency situation.  Safe Parents display a red, black and white sign of a skunk holding a child's hand.  These signs are displayed in a window and indicate there is an adult home who can render assistance.  Anyone of any age may go to a Safe Parent home for help.   Please go to a Safe Parent home if you are feeling threatened in any way, feeling ill, lost or having car trouble.   

Even though anyone may come to a Safe Parent house for assistance, our focus is on children and seniors.  This is the most venerable sector of our community.  Unfortunately bullying is a concern for both age groups.  This is a serious and under rated problem.  It is not a normal part of growing up, or, aging and should not be tolerated.  Bullying comes in many forms.  Direct bullying includes threats, hitting, taking or destroying possessions and name calling.  Indirect bullying may be gossiping, shunning, saying or writing (texting) bad things and internet harassment.  Your child, or older family member, may become withdrawn, depressed, wary, schools grads going down.  Be aware and ask questions, let them know it is not their fault.  Let them know you are on their side and will help in any way possible.    

Safe Parent has many different pamphlets that are available to the public.  This includes bullying, senior's safety tips, information on poisons and fire safety.  If you would like a copy, or want to become a Safe Parent;  please contact the office at 780 433-9374, email us at or visit our web site at

Karen Larsen

Program Administrator

If you would like to become a Safe Parent, or would like further information about the ESPA and what we have to offer, please contact our office at (Alex Taylor School) 9321 Jasper Avenue NW Edmonton Alberta T5H 3T7. The phone number is 780 433-9374. The email address is and The web site is

Note: Criminal Checks are free and are paid by Edmonton Safe Parent Association

Edmonton Safe Parent Mission 

The Mission of the Safe Parent program is to provide safety and guidance to the citizens of Edmonton,

especially children and seniors, by providing safe homes and educational programs

The Safe Parent Program mandate is:

v    To provide a network of police-screened, easily recognizable, safe homes for members of the community, especially children, to turn to in times of distress;

v    to educate children about Safe Parents, safety on the streets and within the home;

v    to develop promotions and materials to educate the community about the Safe Parents, latch key children and street proofing ;

v    to work together with the police, educators and other community groups toward safer communities.

v    Edmonton Safe Parent Association does not solicit donations over the telephone.

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